Meridian Plastics has injection molding machines ranging from 200 Tons to 600 Tons. We also provide various types of secondary operations to meet your needs for product testing, assembly, decorating, packaging and contract manufacturing.


Our past experience in a broad array of industries, has resulted in us having worked with a variety of materials and resins and with that knowledge, we are equipped to assist you with a successful commercialization of your products.

Glass filled nylons

Straight nylons






TPU - thermoplastic urethanes

Additives to reduce cost and/or improve performance/quality

Custom Formulations

High impact plastics

High temperature


From Concept to Reality
From design and part manufacturing to secondary operations, we are eager to make your concept a true success. Our services are geared towards fulfilling your core missions and delivering the final product, the reality.


At Meridian Plastics, our goal is to ensure your company is able to fulfill its core goals and visions. We are here to eliminate external distractions and let you focus on growing your company. Our experienced staff will take care of all the headaches associated with assembly, packaging, and other secondary operations. By allowing us to unfold your concepts and mold them into reality, you are able to save time and money and allocate such towards developing your company for the better.


At Meridian Plastics, we strive to prevent the potential of incurring unneeded costs and improve overall performance and quality of the products being produced by our facility. As a part of our logistics services and facilities, we offer on-site warehousing and inventory control, coordination with distribution centres, and secure management with freight. This provides your company with the elimination of unnecessary responsibilities that can be taken care of under our supervision. Our team is able to ensure your products will reach safely and efficiently from site A to B. This allows your product to receive maximum return without incurring other expenses.